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If you’re searching for a new IT solution for your business, chances are you’re either frustrated with your current solution, you’ve outgrown you current situation, or you’ve heard about some new IT solutions that may benefit your company.

Technology has dramatically changed over the past 5 years….why then do companies continue to use outdated methods to protect that technology? Below you will find links that will address all your questions and concerns regarding IT solutions for your company. Let’s begin with…

Managing Your Computer Network: What are your options?

  • Technology has drastically changed over the past 5 years, but the way most companies manage your network hasn’t. WHY NOT? Here we’ll look at the old “break-fix” mentality of managing your computer network… at the same time we’ll investigate “Managed Services”, and we’ll introduce you to “Cloud Computing.”

Breaking Through The Hype: Understanding Managed Services

  • There’s been a lot of talk and hype about managed services over the past few years. But exactly what is it and why would you care. Here you’ll learn all the answers.

Is Your Computer Technician A Trusted Advisor…Or A Computer Geek?

  • This is an important question: who will be watching over your network, a former XBox Champion or an experienced technician with solid business sense? Here you’ll learn what to expect and how to evaluate the outside technician who is responsible for your network.

The 6 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire Any IT Support Company

  • Your business data is a critical piece of your business, and the technology that supports your staff and houses your data is a key piece of its success (or failure). These six questions will help protect you from hiring the wrong company!

Understanding Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing is the hottest new catch phrase in technology today. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about cloud computing. You will learn what it really is, how it’s different, concerns with the cloud… and most importantly if it’s right for your company.

IT Support Costs: What Should You Be Paying?

  • What is the current “going rate” for IT Support? Are there any hidden costs that you should be aware of? Is it possible to set a consistent, reliable monthly fee for your service and know that it will not exceed the budget? How can you protect your computer network and save money at the same time?